Read some of the progress CJPME has made with the help of people who write letters. It shows we can all do something even when it seems things are getting worse and the situation seems hopeless.The Palestinians need the ingernational community to stand along side and so they know we care and will show it by our actions here.

Canada renews and increases funding for Palestinian refugees! Just yesterday, Canada announced a $90 million three-year aid package for the UN Palestinian aid agency (UNRWA)! For years, CJPME and others have been pushing the government to increase its aid to Palestinian refugees – and this pressure finally paid off. For the next three years, Canada will be giving $30 million to UNRWA – money which primarily provides education and healthcare for Palestinian refugees. Thanks to all our supporters who sent emails to the government about UNRWA!image1.png

Big campaigns to improve Canada’s voting at the UN. Over 9000 Canadians participated in our three recent campaigns to improve Canada’s annual voting at the UN! Thanks to everyone who made themselves heard! On the bright side, Canada maintained its UN vote in support of Palestinian self-determination. But there is much more to do.  The work continues.

Read Cory Balsam’s blog in the Times of Israel examining the IHRA definition of anti-semitism – its supporters and detractors. Cory is the National co-ordinator of Independent Jewish Voices Canada. Please read to learn how to take action in preventing to the adoption of the IHRA definition here in Canada.

Take a minute to write to the Canadian members of parliament, and Canadian Ambassador to the UN Bob Rae Let them know that you are concerned about the situation in Jerusalem.
Call on the government of Canada to insist Israel stop its eviction of the Palestinian families in Sheik Jarrah, and its carrying out the announced land settlement of title and registration policy in occupied East Jerusalem which will result in the permanent appropriation of Palestinian land by the State of Israel in flagrant violation of international law.
Tell Canada it is time to take diplomatic and economic steps to stop Israel’s violations of international law. This includes Israel’s continued building of settlements and forced displacement in the West Bank including occupied Jerusalem, as well as Israel’s blockade of Gaza.
Can you join me and write a letter? Click here:

Write letter to the Canadian government: call to UNGA & member states to investigate apartheid.  Learn more.

Please take a moment to sign this government petition, sponsored by Paul Manly, and to SHARE this message widely.

Join 1800+ who have signed, and lets see if we can get towards 3,000+ before September 4 when petition closes.

Free Imad Barghouthi – See article. You can send a letter to our MPs and PM requesting that they stand for human rights and put pressure on Israel to end the harrassment of Palestinian scientists and human rights workers.. Click to view the letter Bruce is  sending to the Israeli PM.

We are also concerned Mahmoud Nawajaa, a human rights worker was taken from his home in the middle of the night and held under military detention. We can add our voice to the growing number of internationals and Israelis calling for his release.

Update: Mahmound has been released!  Read about his experience on our blog page.

Tell the Canadian government to pressure Israel to end the siege of Gaza.












No IHRA in Ontario! Take Action Now Against Bill 168

Contact your MMPs to voice your opposition to Bill 168. Click here

Stop the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund. Take action now. Click here to find out what you can do.

Stop Military Detention of Children
What you can do: Sign your name to the petition Release All Palestinian Child Detainees Amid COVID-19 Pandemic and join thousands of others who have demanded that Israel release all child prisoners.
Contact your member of Parliament to ask that they add their to this open letter raising concern about the ill-treatment of Palestinian children detained by Israeli forces. Find your MP on the Government of Canada website.
Share this Take Action on your social media networks. Use the hashtags #UCCan and #NWTTAC.