Call to Action


Some of the attendees of the rally held July 17th in St Catharines. READ the appeal from over 1000 (and growing) Israeli Jews calling for the end of the occupation.

Human Rights Watch: Israel Is Committing the Crimes Against Humanity – Apartheid and Persecution –Read report. To see the visual done by Visualizing Palestine, click on the thumbnail.Share report and please email Senators on the Human Rights committee. 

Many of the injustices committed against Palestinians combine the use of night arrests and military prisonsto traumatize children most

of all. Military Court Watch (MCW) is dedicated to publicizing and countering this process. (Update: Obaida was recently killed by the IDF) We need your help in writing our MPs and ask that a Canadian Special Envoy be named to Protect Palestinian Children – Please join Our Continuing Campaign . See No Way to Treat a Child for more information. .We need people committed to writing letters and help end the military detention of children. See sample letters.

Check out our campaigns page for more ways to promote justice for Palestine.